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Want the highest quality, best-tasting gummies available anywhere? This is the auction for you.

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We are confident that our Gummies are the best on the market. You can see by our almost 3000 positive reviews that we are honest and serious sellers. We ship fast, discrete and overdeliver on quality.

All of our products are Extra Strength and we guarantee the accurate dosing

We Look forward to serving you hemp products for a long time

Each Bag Contains 10 Peaches that are 25mg ea for a total of 250mg

Our homegrown lineup is our premium line of Gummy snacks. There will be a limited quantity of all homegrown products. Once they are Hemp Snacks gone, they're gone.

We take much pride in our hemp products and guarantee your satisfaction as well as the accuracy of CBD Gummy Bears dosing. We strongly believe when weighing out each batch of Edible CBD .1 over is much better CBD Gummy Bears than .1 under. You will CBD Gummy Peaches never receive any product from us that is underdosed and 9-10 times it’s .1-.3 over which isn’t a big bonus at that but it’s an honest way of doing business.

We look forward to serving you with our premium hemp infused gummies. One jar could last you 2 months if you dose one gummy each day as recommended. A new hemp user could even break these in half and dose 1/2 Gummy each day and this would last you 4 months.

As good as these may taste we do not suggest indulging in multiple gummies each day.

View our other auctions for more delicious infused treats.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.

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